How To Put Your Business Through An Efficiency Bootcamp

We hear a lot in the IT world about efficiency. In fact, you’d be hard pushed to find a brochure or media release that didn’t use the word at least once. It is a worthy aim; we all want to do things better, smarter, but with less effort. There’s a saying that ‘efficiency is intelligent laziness’. While I don’t see it as lazy to seek improved outcomes for equal or less effort, I see it as a necessary part of delivering more.

The Four Things Slowing Down Your Key Business Applications

It decreases productivity and squashes employee morale, sluggish application delivery is often dismissed as ‘just the way it is’. But if you catch your sales reps drumming their fingers while waiting for a file to load, or your counter staff have to explain to customers that the system is running a little slow – again – then there are four common culprits that may be slowing business applications and undermining your business.