The Biggest Cyber-Security Risks Hurting Small and Medium Businesses

The Australian Cyber Security Centre stated recently that ‘small businesses can be big targets for cyber-criminals’, citing a study showing 62% of small businesses had been a victim of a cyber security incident. While small and medium businesses may be less obvious targets than, say, ASIO or the big four banks, they are also a softer target. After all, there is a far lower chance of getting caught if they steal a low amount from many small businesses.

Cyber-Security: Is it Time to Call for Backup?

In an ideal world, no hacker would ever breach your defences, and you’d happily go about your business without having to think about recovering from cyber-security events. The real world isn’t like that. 62% of businesses are attacked at least weekly, with one in ten being hit every hour or continuously1. In the game of cat-and-mouse between hackers and the organisations they target, there are no guarantees.